Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jay Cutler

Wouldn't it be fun to go into just one Jets season without some sort of quarterback drama?

That said, multiple reports have confirmed that the Denver Broncos have finally acquiesced to Cutler's demands to be traded. The Jets are reportedly just one of several teams interested in the three-year veteran.

I addressed the possibility of this trade a few days ago - Cutler is an extremely talented player who one coach at another team referred to me as a "jackass." However, a happy player is often less of if Cutler lands in a situation he's happy with, all parties could benefit. He's got a great arm and great game smarts and no matter what the Jets have been saying, they obviously are not 100% comfortable with the idea of choosing among Clemens, Ratliff and Ainge.

Cutler brings three years of experience and, more than likely, still hasn't reached the peak of his career so he is a guy who could become the franchise quarterback this team has been searching for.

My friend Arthur has weighed in again and feels the Jets should trade Thomas Jones for Cutler. One unhappy guy for another. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Anyway, while the Broncos clearly want Cutler out of their building, they know his worth and are almost certainly going to deal him simply to the highest bidder.

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