Thursday, April 9, 2009

Locker Room Week 3

Locker room was a little quiet this morning. However, Kellen Clemens was already as his locker when we (the media) arrived in the room and he invited us over, rather than waiting for the inevitable stampede. (That was just for my own melodramatic effect - we rarely stampede.)

Clemens offered up a funny little anecdote; when asked how he heard about the Cutler trade he said, "My mother-in-law texted me. She's right on top of things."

As he moved to slightly more serious conversation, he again offered up what has been his mantra that "it does not good to worry about it." Right now Clemens is doing what everyone else is, learning the new installation so as to be ready for the team's first mini-camp of the year, which is being held next week.

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