Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welcome back

Welcome. I've let this slide for a bit due to some other pressing commitments. However, for your reading enjoyment I have posted most of my recent articles in the Articles list to the right. Enjoy. I hope to have some more entertaining and informative content in the coming days.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coming Up...

I've been having a great time with this new project for NFLPE. I've got some really interesting stories coming up. This week I'm talking with Thomas Morstead, the punter from the New Orleans Saints who is involved with many programs supporting children in New Orleans.  Next week I'll have the McCourty brothers - defensive backs Jason and Devin, who play for the Titans and Patriots respectively and who have a foundation Later in the month, I'll give you some insight into the work cornerback Chris Harris Jr. of the Broncos and his wife Leah are doing.

And many more in the coming weeks and months.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm back!

I took a bit of a hiatus, but I'm back. My new gig is writing features for This auxiliary site of the NFL is all about providing support, information and resources for those in, and affiliated with, the NFL as well as giving fans additional insight into the world of the NFL. Right now I am writing an ongoing series focusing on the charity work that both current and former players are involved with - in many cases it has become their life's work.

Here are my first five stories:

J.J. Watt is a force on and off the field

For Todd Herremans it's about neighbor helping neighbor

Heartbreaking diagnosis becomes life-changing mission

Cundiff family rallies to help fund research for early detection of ovarian cancer

Steve Weatherford making his mark

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Upcoming important NFL dates

2013 NFL Combine – Wednesday, February 20th – Tuesday, February 26th

Free Agency – Tuesday, March 12th

2013 NFL Draft – Thursday April 25th – Saturday, April 27th
Welcome! I've updated things a bit to make this a central spot for all of my work. Check out "Articles" on the right to see my articles and blogs.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

iPodgate and Rookie Wrap-Up

Rex Ryan told us today that he talked to Santonio Holmes last night about the iPod incident and here is a summation of the story:

Holmes was on a flight from Newark to Pittsburgh. He fell asleep with his iPod. As they were getting ready to land, the flight attendant woke him up and asked him to turn off the iPod, which he did. However, he left the ear buds in his ears.

When the flight attendant walked by again, she asked him again. He told her that the iPod was off. Even took the ear buds out so that his seat mate could confirm that it was off. End of story. Except, for some reason the airline called the police. So, when the plane landed and Holmes disembarked (he was NOT escorted off the plane) he was asked to wait for the police to show up. When they did, they asked him a couple of questions, told him to make sure to turn his iPod off in the future and that was that.

Now, the question as to why conflicting information is coming out of the Allegheny County Police Department is a little strange. And even more strange, this is the email - verbatim - that they sent yesterday:

"As previously reported, Santanio Holmes was NOT removed from any airplane (4/29/2010). He was asked to remove his Ipod (at one point), in which he complied. There is no further information to report."

Spelling and grammar errors belong solely to the Allegheny County Police Department.

I'll let you know if we hear anything else on this. Lord I hope we don't.

The temperature has hit 90 degrees here in Florham Park, which ought to make this afternoon's rookie mini-camp practice delightful. However, the person who may most be dreading it is running back Joe McKnight.

I would venture to say it hasn't been one of McKnight's better weekends. Yesterday, during the morning practice he was dehydrated and had a bad case of the nerves, which led to some calf cramping and...some vomiting.

He has also dropped more than a few balls, but that might be attributed to his weakened condition. As Rex Ryan said yesterday, "Joe McKnight looked great...when he wasn't throwing up."

Today wasn't much better. Although the former USC standout maintained his...composure, he was sent out of several drills, seemingly from overheating. Trainers continually applied cold compresses to his head and neck.

McKnight was not available during the media period after the first practice. We are hoping to speak with him after the second practice.

Cornerback Kyle Wilson looks good. I've overheard the coaches praising him. Ryan has already said he will be the starting nickel. They are also working him out as a returner along with a host of others.

Vladimir Ducasse is working exclusively at left guard - he will compete for the starting spot at that position with last year's sixth round pick Matt Slauson. Interestingly, per Mike Tannenbaum and VP of College Scouting Joey Clinkscales, Rob Turner, who the team has been pretty high on has been officially relegated to being the back-up center, which sounds like he won't even be given the chance to compete for a starting spot. Turner was an undrafted free agent. Ducasse and Slauson are Draft picks. Think that has anything to do with it? Hmmm.

Ryan has lauded FB John Conner along with the rest, but no one is safe from the head coach's sense of humor. "The thing you've got to get over is that he has no neck."

There are also numerous undrafted free agents and tryout players. Among them is Don Warren a safety from the University of Michigan who many thought would be drafted. The Jets had him on their board and Ryan said he was "probably the best player left" when the draft ended.

Ryan has also been talking up linebacker Cory Reamer from Alabama. Reamer told me that the they ran a similar defense at Alabama and the concepts are similar so it's been a bit of an easier transition for him. I would be surprised if Reamer is not offered a contract at the end of the weekend.