Thursday, April 23, 2009

Draft Musings

I still don't know who the Jets are going to draft, but I've been poking around a little bit have a few thoughts based on those conversations.

It is looking more and more likely that the team could be going for a quarterback, and the majority of the talk is about Matt Sanchez. However, there are still all sorts of possible permutations being floated by many media outlets, including a possible trade for Jason Campbell or Brady Quinn. Now, why the Jets would want Jason Campbell who hasn't shown anything dramatically better than what they already have is, to me, a question.

It would seem extremely remote that you will see a defensive player taken by the Jets on day one. What I don't think is out of the question, if they don't go for a quarterback, is for them to try to grab Brandon Pettigrew, the tight end from Oklahoma State. In addition to being a solid receiver he's considered a strong blocker, which is what the Jets need from a tight end to complement Dustin Keller.

What about receiver you ask. Well, maybe the first round, but more likely the second or third.

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