Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jets Make A Splash

The Jets have certainly made a splash this year. After yesterday's headline-making trade for Mark Sanchez, they did it again. This time it was to move up to the top of the third round and grab a running back.

The Jets traded their 3rd, 4th and 7th round picks this year to get New Jersey native Shonn Greene from the University of Iowa. With the fifth pick already in the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles (part of the Lito Shepperd trade), all that's left for the Jets today is a sixth-rounder.

You have to wonder if the team sees him as creating a solid threesome at running back, or if it's a message to Thomas Jones who has been boycotting all of the team's voluntary activities thus far, as a protest and attempt to renegotiate his contract.

And as happy as everyone - team and fans both - seem to be with Sanchez and Greene, the team still needs a tight end and wide receiver. The players I've been speaking to over the past couple of days are all wondering what's happening there. Look for a possible veteran trade before this thing wraps up, and lots of rookie free agent signings once it does.

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