Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's Up for Tomorrow?

Once the Mark Sanchez pick was in, the Jets day was done. They of course traded their first round pick (#17) and their second round pick to the Cleveland Browns, so that was that.

(Fun fact - Sanchez and Kellen Clemens have the same agent.)

I have to say, I think this was a win-win. The Jets got a quarterback they obviously felt they had to have, without giving up anything that will strongly impact them and the Browns got guys they can make use of right away.

Now the team has to focus on rounds three through seven tomorrow and try to fill some of the needs that are still outstanding, namely tight end and wide receiver.

The Jets have the 12th pick in the third round, which is the one they got from the Saints for the Vilma trade. They then pick 15th in the fourth, have no fifth round selection, are at number 20 in the sixth and finally at 19 in the seventh.

Only two tight ends were taken today - Brandon Pettigrew by the Lions and Richard Quinn by the Broncos - which seems to back up what I've been hearing that the tight end pool is thin and no one wanted to pay big money for any of these guys. One way or the other, the Jets must get another tight end onto their roster.

The fun starts again at 10am.

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