Thursday, April 2, 2009

Off-season Round 2

Off-season workouts continue and today is our second day of media access. I just got out of the locker room where the fellas were still in fine fettle. (If you're not familiar with the expression, Google it - you'll find I love antiquated sayings...)

Had a long conversation with Nick Mangold (whose hair and beard are now even longer than in this photo), which involved golf, Vegas and tupperware parties. Yes, hard-hitting journalism at its finest. I'm taking a poll: Men, do you object to golfing with women? Let me know.

I also spoke with Brad Smith and Chansi Stuckey. Everything remains intact as far as the offensive playbook; Rex Ryan is letting Brian Schottenheimer run his own show. They haven't gotten into determining everyone's specific goals, however, with the departure of Laveranues Coles, there is some opportunity for everyone to move up in the depth chart. Stuckey, who locked up the number three spot in camp last year seems the most logical contender. However, David Clowney continues to impress, so that could be interesting to watch.

In addition, we didn't see enough of Marcus Henry last year to make any strong determinations, so he's a bit of an X factor as well.

On the defensive side, I caught up for a few minutes with Vernon Gholston. After a season that was less productive than anyone would have liked - including him - he's working hard to get ready for 2009. The early discussions are that they are going to have him focus more on being a pure pass rusher, rather than that hybrid thing that didn't work out last year. Pass rushing is more his forte and his comfort zone, so maybe we'll start to see some glimmer of the player that the Jets took with the six overall pick last year.

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