Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Draft, and News and Notes

Getting ready for the Draft and no idea which way they're going to go. Lots of chatter about a trade up to get Mark Sanchez from USC. The fans I'm hearing from all seem to be in favor of this. All I can tell you is we will definitely know something by Saturday night.

I think if the Jets don't go for Sanchez (or Josh Freeman) they will make a play for a wide receiver. Nothing to do at this point except wait it out.

A few news and notes from last week's mini-camp:

I finally got to meet special teams ace Larry Izzo. For years he was considered the best special teams player in the league and played his first few years for Jets Special Teams Coordinator Mike Westhoff when they were both in Miami. For the last eight seasons he's been with the Patriots.

Izzo wasn't around a lot during the three weeks of off-season training because his wife just gave birth to their first baby back in Texas. It is a boy named Boston. Izzo should be a great addition to what is already a pretty solid unit.

Left Tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson liked the mini-camp and the fact that having a new defense gave the offense a lot of opportunities to see and adjust to new looks. He described his group as a "cohesive unit" and because they're all returning they can just focus on the playbook, not on learning to work with any new personnel.

Safety Eric Smith said it's now "fun to go to work." He and the other defensive players were glad to have some time to translate the new defense they've been learning on paper onto the field. The main difference with Rex Ryan's defense is that if players sees an adjustment on the offense, they make an adjustment, not a complete play change, as was the case in the previous system.

Wallace Wright and Kenwin Cummings both seem OK after their crash. I'm told that Wright has only a knee contusion.

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