Monday, March 30, 2009

Jets Pre-Season Schedule

Just heard from a league source that the Jets pre-season schedule will be as follows:

Week 1 (Date TBA somewhere around August 13th) - Home vs. St. Louis Rams
Week 2 - Monday night, August 24th - Away at Baltimore Ravens
Week 3 - Saturday, August 29th - Away at New York Giants (the annual Battle of New York)
Week 4 - Thursday, September 3 - Home vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Obviously week 2 will be a whole lot of fun with Rex & Co. facing his former guys in Baltimore.

Of course, we still have to figure out where training camp is going to be and from the fans I'm hearing from, nobody is happy about the team going upstate. They feel that the team already alienated people by leaving its fan base behind in Long Island and to not give everyone a peek at the brand new jewel that the Jets now call home, doesn't make sense to anyone.

I have to agree. While I understand what Ryan is trying to do in the way of building team camaraderie (and the Jets won't be the first team to hold camp hours away from their facility), with cell phones and the Internet, distractions from family and friends won't be all that far away. And, regardless of where camp is held, players always have curfews so they can't galivant around at will.

What would be nice, in my opinion, is if they split the difference, and took the show on the road for part of the training camp period but then figured out how to hold the rest of it either in Florham Park or back at Hofstra.

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