Monday, March 9, 2009

Anybody Want to Talk About the Offense?

Let me be the first to point out that, at this juncture, I appear to have been wrong in my prediction that the Jets would go after a free agent quarterback. A fact I find perplexing, but management didn't ask for my input.

I do know that Jets fans are up in arms (pun not intended but I liked it once I saw it) about the situation. Nobody that I've spoken to or heard from is completely convinced that Clemens or Ratliff is the man for the job.

My friend Arthur is a big proponent of Brett Ratliff, others focus on Clemens's arm strength. When I interject Erik Ainge into the conversation I get "Who? Oh, yeah, Danny Ainge's nephew" and we move on. To be fair, Ainge was on the practice squad and then on IR for a chunk of the season so we know little to nothing about what he can do yet.

The question remains as to whether Clemens got a fair shot in 2007. It was an abysmal season, featuring an unbelievably ineffective offensive line. With a hugely upgraded group up front, that might make a significant difference in Clemens's game.

As for the upcoming Draft, Cimini reported a few days ago that the Jets had worked out Matt Sanchez so clearly they're doing their due diligence, however it turns out.

Then there's the wide receiver question. Laveranues Coles has gone to Cincinnati, where he, Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinco are a trio that I'm intrigued to watch.

Now the Jets need a replacement. Tory Holt anyone? Holt has requested his release from the Rams and while he's no longer the 23-year-old phenom, he's still pretty darn good and I think he'd make a great addition to this receiving corps.

If the Rams release him, the Jets may actually have an edge because New York's new wide receivers coach, Henry Ellard, was Holt's position coach in St. Louis for the past eight seasons.

By the way, for some reason there are also lots of people clamoring for a new running back. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington anyone? I realize they need a third and they will probably pick somebody up in the Draft or as a rookie free agent. But for now, you're not getting any new marquee players at that position.

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