Monday, August 10, 2009

Thunder, Lightning and A Little Tornado Warning

It is pouring rain with lightning and, yes, a tornado warning, so the Jets were forced to cancel this afternoon's practice after 30 minutes. This was made slightly more amusing by the fact that the organization spent almost two hours drying the grass field with a helicopter so that the players could tackle. Oh well.

This morning's practice looked pretty good. After having a not-so-great day yesterday, Kellen Clemens made a comeback completing six of 10 in 11 on 11s. Mark Sanchez was four of 12.

The Jets will wrap up the first leg of their Cortland trip with tomorrow's practices. The team then heads to Hofstra for a practice on Wednesday night followed by the game on Friday against the St. Louis Rams. Clemens has been named the starter but it has not been determined yet what the breakdown will be between he and Sanchez or if Sanchez will get any reps with the ones.

Injury-wise, a bunch of guys are dinged up and being held out. Nick Mangold is out with a knee, as is Donald Strickland. Neither has any ligament problems so these are minor. Kris Jenkins is still rehabbing his calf and Tony Richardson is coming back from a hip pointer. Richardson was given permission to go to Canton for the weekend to be on hand for the induction of his former Kansas City Chiefs teammate Derrick Thomas. Darrelle Revis, who strained a hamstring, participated in individual drills but nothing else.

Tomorrow's schedule is for a regular practice in the morning and a special teams practice in the afternoon although it remains to be seen if Rex Ryan will change that to a full practice after having to cancel the one this afternoon.

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