Monday, August 3, 2009

It's All About the Food

Between practices up here in Cortland. An exciting morning with three separate fights. Breaks up the monotony but you hope you don't see too much of that.

Kellen Clemens had his best day thus far with a 13-play drive before getting picked by Revis. Who else? At this point, he's probably a little ahead of Mark Sanchez - and should be.

We're on a lunch break eating this amazing food from Doug's Fish Fry that we ordered in. The owner, Mark Braun, in addition to being a huge Jets fan (the place is fully decked out in Jets paraphernalia) and a really nice guy, has the most amazing food. We've been over there a few times now. I'm not normally a big fan of fried food, but his fried scallops are out of this world. The rest of the press corps is drooling over the numerous other things on his menu. If you're going to be in town for camp, check it out.
Mark Sanchez was talking up a Mexican restaurant here in town called Garcia's, maybe we'll check that out tonight! (Suddenly this seems to have turned into a restaurant review...)

As for the football end of things, Rex Ryan's reaction to questions regarding free agent Tight End Richard Owens leads me to believe that Owens may have already turned in his playbook. They are going to need to find somebody soon at this position. They've got to have two reliable tight ends. Kareem Brown is still getting adjusted so it would certainly help if they could get another veteran in there.

I'll keep you posted.

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