Monday, August 17, 2009

A #@!&%! Interesting Ryan Press Conference

It is the dog days of summer. A brisk 87 degrees right now and without a cloud in the sky it feels way hotter than that. An almost-three-hour practice this morning has left my eyes burning, and yes I was wearing sunglasses. Fortunately 30 SPF sunblock saved the rest of me. Second practice is at 4pm. Yikes.

Rex Ryan was in rare form this morning, even for him. The conversation turned to him facing the Ravens for the first time and he went off on a tangent about how the team has given former Pro Bowl defensive end and Ravens Ring of Honor member Mike McCrary's number to a rookie who "hasn't proven sh*t." Yup, the press conference was being streamed live on the Internet.

PR Director Bruce Speight's eyes briefly rolled back in his head as he clutched the wall behind him. As the room burst out laughing, Ryan tossed a "Sorry Bruce" his way.

On a more serious note, DE Shaun Ellis has been suspended for the first game of the season and fined whopping $100,000 in addition to that. With LB Calvin Pace already suspended for the first four games, this is starting to make a bit of a dent.

Kris Jenkins, who has been rehabbing his calf for the last two weeks finally could take no more of working with head strength and conditioning coach Sal Aloisi (apparently quite a task master) and walked off on his own to the locker room, got dressed and headed out to practice. He was stopped from doing anything more than participating in position drills, but it seemed a huge relief to him nonetheless. To quote Jenkins, "I spazzed out and walked out there. There are worse things than pads and his name is Sal!"

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