Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jets Camp - Day Three update

Hello from Cortland. So far, just as wet and rainy as it was in New York. I'm starting to get used to having wet feet all the time.

As for the Jets, things are rolling along. The team has been working on an artificial turf field while they wait for the grass field to get into shape. The only problem with that is that Rex Ryan doesn't want them doing any tackling on the artificial field so that part is going to have to wait. No timetable but Ryan says, "Sooner rather than later."

The quarterbacks both have good and bad moments. Mark Sanchez is still noticeably behind Kellen Clemens, but that is to be expected. Sanchez is still not only adjusting to the NFL, but is still learning the system and the playbook. His footwork however is great.

As for Vernon Gholston, Ryan is his biggest cheerleader and if Gholston plays the way Ryan assures us that he can, that will be a huge shot in the arm for the team who is going to be minus Calvin Pace for the first four games.

As I talked about on one of my reports, Ryan made a really interesting comment about rookie free agent Jamaal Westerman, a defensive end from Rutgers, basically indicating that the guy will make the team.

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