Monday, May 11, 2009

Rumor, Innuendo, and Some Facts

Lots of rumor and innuendo flying about. I checked with my sources and the Adam "Pacman" Jones story of the Jets being interested in him is, indeed, false. My source says it was most likely a ploy by his agent to try to stir up interest.

Plaxico Burress on the other hand may actually have some legs (pun intended). If, of course, he doesn't go to prison. Oh, that.

Multiple reports that Thomas Jones is once again a no-show at the voluntary portion of the off-season. OTAs (organized team activities) started up again and he has not yet made an appearance. Frankly, I'm not surprised although I would be surprised if he is not getting increasingly nervous about all of the positive spin Shonn Greene is getting. I saw the ex-Iowa running back with my own two eyes - he's good. Really good. We have media access this week, so I'll let you know what I see. Highly doubt Jones will be there.

According to Dave Hutchinson of the Star-Ledger, Leon Washington is also not taking part in the OTAs. Like Jones, Washington is unhappy with his contract, but has been at the facility and took part in the first mini-camp and all the workouts to date. I'm guessing maybe his agent has recommended a different tactic. But, I'll let you know what I turn up.

Also per Hutch, the team has re-signed TE Bubba Franks. I know. Don't tell me, tell them. The team has also signed a few rookie TEs, all of whom will, ostensibly, compete in the upcoming mini-camp and training camp. And don't forget, there is also the Kareem Brown experiment. I've seen him coming and going to TE meetings so the conversion possibility is still alive. Physically he certainly looks the part now having lost somewhere around 35 pounds and is now in the area of 255.

QB Erik Ainge is back. He is keeping whatever kept him away for more than a month to himself. Because he is clearly not in the running for the starting job, the media was satisfied with that and has moved on.

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