Thursday, May 7, 2009

Clemens Talks Quarterback Competition

Another open locker room period today and the first public appearance by QB Kellen Clemens since the team drafted Mark Sanchez. Always a pro, Clemens stuck to his script about only controlling what he can control. He is positioning this as competing with himself, rather than anyone else.

"I can either get mad and get frustrated or I can get better," he said. "The beautiful thing when your competing with yourself is it doesn't matter who your competition is."

It was Clemens' agent, David Dunn of Athletes First, who was the first to call Clemens with the news that the Jets had traded up to get Sanchez. Dunn represents both players. As it turned out, Dunn called just as Clemens was returning home and he turned the TV on in time to watch the whole thing unfold.

Even at this early juncture, it is highly unlikely that Clemens will win the starting job. The team has (or will have) too much invested in Sanchez to let him sit on the bench. While most of the players in the locker room are at the very least intrigued by what Sanchez brings to the table (and at most excited) Clemens is extremely popular with his teammates and all the ones I've spoken to are loathe to go on the record saying or telling me anything that could be even remotely interpreted as negative toward him.

There was a humorous moment when TE Dustin Keller nonchalantly walked over and joined the group of reporters surrounding Clemens - while brushing his teeth with a purple toothbrush. It took Clemens a minute to notice, but when he did, he didn't miss a beat. Now that's concentration and focus.

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