Monday, May 4, 2009

Cowboys Bubble Collapses

I spoke to a few players over the weekend after the terrifying news about the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys' practice bubble. They, like everyone who has heard the news and seen the pictures, have been shaken by this.

Prior to their move to Florham Park the Jets had something at Hofstra very similar to what the Cowboys had. The Jets now have an indoor field house that is within the structure of their new complex. The Giants still have a bubble.

Both the Jets and Giants have had their share of problems with these. The Giants' has collapsed more than once I believe, and the Jets bubble deflated a couple of years ago, fortunately when no one was in it. However, one player shared with me that it destroyed the stationery bikes that the team kept in it. That was just from a deflation, not from a storm-driven collapse.

A frightening situation that may cause teams to have to rethink these structures and how they use them.

In the meantime, send your thoughts and prayers to Cowboys assistant scout Rich Behm who was paralyzed from the waist down.

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