Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Computer issues, hence the late entry today...

Today was the third and final day of Mark Sanchez's first OTAs. (Yes, the rest of the team was there too.) To quote Sanchez, "It was a good day...for the defense." The new QB, working with the twos was all over the place, throwing picks and missing a couple of open guys, for which he was reamed out by Brian Schottenheimer. Schottenheimer's generally a fun and laid-back guy, but watch out when something ticks him off. To Sanchez's credit he seems to roll with it and take everything for how it's intended - to get him better. He also worked closely with Clemens, who was also a little slow out of the gate today.

Rex Ryan described Sanchez's first week as the Good, Bad and the Ugly; Wednesday was Good, Tuesday was Bad and today was Ugly.

It will certainly get better, Sanchez appears to have really solid footwork and we know what kind of arm he has. Now it's just a matter of getting used to the NFL and learning the Jets playbook.

As for the GQ shoot, let's just say it's a lively and ongoing topic of conversation.

I talked to Alan Faneca about Sanchez (the quarterback, not the supermodel) and he pointed out that the adjustment is difficult becaues most of the time, and in Sanchez's case, a quarterback is in his college system for four years so he gets better and better and looks great at the end. Then he gets into the NFL and has to start all over again, learning to not think and working on instinctive reaction.

Not one person I spoke to in the locker room expressed anything other than complete confidence that Sanchez was well on his way to being fully up to speed.

Leon Washington and Thomas Jones were still no-shows. It's understood that Jones will show up at the mandatory camp in June, and if I had to put money on it, my hunch is that Washington will be there too.

The running backs corps took another hit as Shonn Greene pulled a hamstring, so while he rests Danny Woodhead and Jehuu Caulcrick are again getting the lion's share of the work, and looking pretty good.

On the tight end front, Ryan called Bubba Franks a "big-time blocker," comparing him to Ben Coates who went from being a major pass catcher to a serious blocker toward the end of his career. His status is still uncertain. They definitely expect him for training camp - mini-camp is still iffy.

As for the rest of the squad, pretty much business as usual. Guys were in even better moods than normal, most heading out of town for the long weekend - with the exception of Kellen Clemens who is awaiting the birth of his second child, due any day.

Kerry Rhodes wasn't at practice today, but he's Tweeting up a storm, so fear not, all is well there.

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