Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to Indy!

May I first and foremost give a hearty thank you to the most well-behaved Jets fans I have been around. AirTran Flight #891 out of LaGuardia yesterday - 150 seats, at least 130 of which were filled with Jets fans wearing all sorts of team regalia. Not one J E T S chant (until deplaning). It was the cherry on the sundae since not only did the flight take off on time, we landed almost 30 minutes early. Yes. 30 minutes. EARLY. I plan to fly to Indianapolis on a regular basis now. (And this made up for the 35 minutes I spent standing on the TSA line in my socks.)

Thanks to Tom Rock of Newsday who was on my flight and drove me to the door of my hotel in his spiffy red PT Cruiser rental.

Also, a big shout out to my seatmates, Bill and his 11-year-old son Peter from Pelham, NY. They are Colts fans. Bill is an Indy native and like father like son. Bill and I had a nice chat, while the very well-behaved and polite Peter played some games on Dad's iPhone. Like winning the lottery.

Next up, I met a friend I hadn't seen in none-of-your-business years at a fun restaurant called Scotty's - Ted Karras, now the head football coach at Marian University. They hired him in 2006 to build the program from scratch and the team has already had two winning seasons. He was accompanied by his defensive coordinator Marty Mathis. We had a blast. Nothing like connecting with old friends and I'll now be following Marian closely.

Then it was on to dinner with my CBS cohort Clark Judge and writer Ron Borges. They tricked me into ordering a hamburger the size of a hubcap. I have a photo of the bun, unfortunately the hook up for my camera is at home. Keep checking back. By the way, Clark ordered a salad. This did not deter me from ordering an equally large piece of chocolate cake, which was the soul mate I have been waiting my whole life for.

Now it's almost game time. My gut still says Jets win. We'll know for sure in a few hours.

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