Sunday, December 27, 2009

A win and they're in

They slayed the dragon. Of course, the dragon lost some of its firepower when Peyton Manning was taken out, but a win is a win. Here are my thoughts on that - I don't like when teams bench their starters. I understand why they do it, but your players should play. That said, the Jets have nothing to apologize for. They beat the team they played, nobody asked Indy to sit their guys, that was their decision.

And, Mark Sanchez managed the game well throughout, against both starters and backups. He seemed calm and focused and hey - no interceptions and none of that diving head first thing that he likes to do.

The defense played like the defense we expect to see. Are there any superlatives left that have not yet been used for Darrelle Revis? He held Reggie Wayne, the league's fourth-leading receiver to a grand total of three catches for 33 yards. (Yes, I know Wayne was taken out of the game too, but still).

How about defensive end Marques Douglas who had a heads up play, getting a touchdown off Calvin Pace's strip sack of Curtis Painter. It was the ninth year veteran's first touchdown of his career.

So, now it's official, the Jets win and they're in. The league of course, jumped on this exciting scenario right away and have flexed the Jets from the original 1pm start to the Sunday night game at 8:30pm. Night games aren't my favorite to work, but nobody asked me - and on the plus side, the traffic is usually pretty light at the George Washington Bridge at 2am. Unless they're doing construction, but let's not think about that right now.

Should be an interesting week as the Jets try to contain their excitement and say all the right things. Then again, this is Rex Ryan and Co. and they're likely to say anything. God love 'em.

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