Thursday, December 24, 2009

Up next: Indy; and team hands out annual awards

Big game this weekend. Huge. Nobody panic. Rex Ryan has been joking all week about how he would really like Peyton Manning not to play. Probably not really a joke. This is going to be the biggest challenge the Jets have faced and a big part of that will be the mental challenge of facing an unbeaten team with the game's best quarterback at the helm.

The veterans I spoke to said they're not intimidated, and while I do believe that, I know they know they have a mountain to climb. But hey, stranger things have happened. Like in that Giants - Redskins game on Monday night. What was going on there? But, I digress.

The locker room has been pretty upbeat, partially the holidays, but they're all excited about playing this weekend knowing the playoffs are still within their grasp. Hey, it can't snow inside the RCA Dome.

Sanchez is back to his happy-go-lucky self although he's got to be chomping at the bit to get out on the field and try to clean up some of his issues. When I asked him about still going head first, he quickly pointed out that he had "halfway" tried a slide last week. Two knee braces will once again be part of his uniform.

Team announced its annual awards today. Darrelle Revis was named team MVP, which was pretty much a no-brainer. Yesterday, Revis was awarded the even-more prestigious "Good Guy" award by the Jets media. Revis is always available, always pleasant and always offers interesting insights.

Other awards were:

Ed Block Courage Award - David Harris
Kyle Clifton Award - James Dearth (the staff votes on this one, it is their "good guy" award)
Marty Lyons Award - D'Brickashaw Ferguson (an award for charitable works "given from the heart)
Dennis Byrd Award - Thomas Jones (his second consecutive year winning this for being the player who most inspires his teammates).

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