Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sanchez situation, and some roster moves

A computer hard drive crash was almost the end of me last week. However, now I'm back. Not quite as ticked off as Mark Sanchez who was seething yesterday after learning that not only would he not start, but he would not even travel to this weekend's game in Tampa.

Rex Ryan described Sanchez as "mad as a hornet" when he heard. I asked Sanchez if that was accurate and he replied "That's about right." His mood yesterday fluctuated between anger and pouting, but I'm assuming somebody will set him right. I would also think there's a good chance he'll be back next week when they face the Falcons at home.

In addition, despite questions about it, Sanchez not playing is in no way a punishment. If Ryan could play his starter, he would.

Sanchez was nowhere to be seen today in the 30 minutes of media access during practice. Only person on the sideline was offensive lineman Rob Turner who has a knee injury and was riding a stationary bike.

In other news, Alan Faneca was sent home sick. With Rob Turner out, this isn't the best news but one would have to assume that Faneca will probably be back to play on Sunday.

Additionally, the team placed Larry Izzo on injured reserve. Izzo has been a special teams standout throughout his career with the Dolphins and the Patriots. He has not made quite the splash this year and we'll have to see if this is the end of the road for him or if he'll try to come back next year.

The team has signed center Michael Parenton and linebacker Josh Mauga, both of whom were on the team during training camp and were waived during final cuts in September.

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