Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Post-Mortem

The best I can come up with after today's game is...yikes. From the looks on the faces of the players in the locker room immediately following the game, they may have had additional thoughts.

It was interesting, when we got into the locker room about 15 minutes or so after the game ended it was deadly silent. Some guys were sitting at their lockers just looking at the floor. Others were in small groups of two and three clearly discussing and reviewing what had just transpired. I haven't seen that kind of reaction in that locker room in a long time. In years past, it was very even-keeled.

Thomas Jones, who set a franchise record by rushing for 210 yards couldn't have cared less about that. As he said, "I could have run for two yards, we lost."

As an aside, I will add that Braylon Edwards has been nothing but accommodating and professional since he arrived. He seems to have stepped right into a leadership role without eclipsing any of the other veterans.

In addition to real concerns about what happened and why, the team has some major issues with injuries right now. Rex Ryan said Kris Jenkins' knee is probably "severe." If that's the case, they are going to have some big shoes to fill - literally and figuratively. When Jenkins is on the field, it takes two guys and sometimes three to contain him. Do the math, that leaves you with 10 vs. 9 - or 8. Much better odds.

With Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith out, and Damien Woody now with a foot and a knee injury, there could be some problems on offense too.

One thing I think Brian Scottenheimer and Matt Cavanaugh (the quarterbacks coach) will undoubtedly be working on with Sanchez is containing his emotions. He's a rookie and he's talented, my hunch is they will get that on track.

And, just when you thought Oakland - who the Jets face next week in Oakland - would be a sure thing, they go and knock off the Eagles.

It's going to be some week in Florham Park.

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