Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Morning After

At 11:45pm last night I'm pretty sure I heard a very loud "Yikes" echoing from Jets fans everywhere. Rex Ryan had a slightly stronger reaction.

"It was a complete embarrassment by our defense and by me, obviously we need to prepare better," he said right after the game and added the same thoughts on a conference call with the media today.

Yup. Miami put up more than 400 yards of total offense; something clearly went wrong. However, Ryan said today he is confident that the defense will bounce back. It was especially odd given that the team got LB Calvin Pace back, which should have helped. Especially since on offense Braylon Edwards was able to make a huge impact after only five days with the team.

In the meantime, as of 1pm, Ryan has yet to go home since arriving back in New York at 5:30am, trying to figure out what happened and start to prepare for the Bills who handed the Cleveland Browns their first win on Sunday.

We'll see what else people have to say as the week goes on.

As a side note - Mark Sanchez has been nominated once again for Rookie of the Week.

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