Thursday, October 8, 2009

Braylon Edwards is ready for Monday Night

So, the whole New Orleans thing didn't go that well. It happens - especially when you have a rookie quarterback. Each week's a different lesson for Mark Sanchez. At some point he will stop holding the ball four feet away from his body. And will stop cut blocking. You know, one thing at a time.

This week it's Monday Night Football. And there's the little matter of a new wide receiver in town. Yes Jets fans, Braylon Edwards is here. Thus far with the media, his demeanor belies the off-the-field issues he has been a part of over the years. He has been friendly, funny and mild-mannered. We'll have to see how everything plays out.

He has talked several times about his frustrations and how this is a fresh start. There have been questions about all the dropped balls he had last year. One player I spoke with who is friendly with Edwards attributed it possibly to a lack of focus on his part as he may have been distracted and drawn in by some of the celebrity opportunities that have been dangled in front of him and which he has taken part in. Photo shoots, parties, etc.

The fact is, when he plays well, he's great. The Jets are clearly hoping that the Braylon Edwards they just signed is that Braylon Edwards.

As for Edwards, he is ready to start on Monday night. "I just need to stay with Mark (Sanchez)," he said. "Stay on his page. See how he likes to call plays. His hots. His sights. Get a feel for what he likes to do. Then I can roll from there."

After arriving early afternoon yesterday he left the complex at 9pm and was back at 7am today.

Other things to watch for on Monday night - right tackle Damien Woody seems to have a pretty badly sprained ankle. I would look for Wayne Hunter to start in his place as Woody has not practiced. Lito Sheppard is back at practice, my guess is he will play. Donald Strickland was out today, that's looking like he'll be out another week. Everybody else seems mostly in one piece.

Let's see if the Jets can hold back the Miami running game.

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