Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Odds and Ends

Just thought I'd check in with a few odds and ends. The Jets have brought in a Kerry Locklin as their new defensive line coach (he replaces Dan Quinn who left to go to the Seahawks) and they are keeping Mike Devlin as assistant offensive line/tight ends coach.

Now the full focus can turn to the players: who goes and who stays. I'm not going to do a full overview, just a few random thoughts for now.

As I mentioned previously, I think Brett Favre goes and his former Packer teammate, Bubba Franks, may be right behind him. I would think the team will try to keep Tony Richardson, who is an unrestricted free agent. As for wide receivers, Wallace Wright is an unrestricted free agent and it will be interesting to see what they decide about him. He's been a solid contributor on special teams and sufficient when he's had playing time on the offense.

Laveranues Coles is a question unto himself. Last year the team promised they would re-negotiate his contract this off-season. They also said Eric Mangini would be the coach in 2009. Let's see what happens.

In addition to the question at quarterback, the defense has a huge problem at cornerback. Darrelle Revis is a huge talent...but you need two corners. Kerry Rhodes at safety is also a very talented and consistent player, but the rest of the secondary featured a weird rotation throughout 2008, especially after Eric Smith got hurt. That needs to be addressed. I can't see either Ty Law or David Barrett returning.

Barrett has always been erratic and with the team positioning itself for a real run, it would seem time to move on from him. However, you clearly can't let anybody go unless you have a better replacement. As for Ty Law, well...

Smith has been more than solid and Abram Elam gave them decent depth there so my hunch is that those two both come back and you may see Smith regain his role as starter. Oh - Hank Poteat. I think he'll like Cleveland.

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