Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Agency

Welcome to free agency. As I'm writing this, Albert Haynesworth has apparently just signed a reported $100 million deal with the Washington Redskins. Pretty good. He's receiving his very own economic stimulus package. But you didn't come here to read about the Redskins.

Yesterday the Jets released right guard Brandon Moore (a story my pal Jane McManus broke several weeks ago). Moore was scheduled to receive a $7 million roster bonus next week. This move could be problematic and you have to wonder if the Jets were being a little short-sighted again.

One of the main things Rex Ryan has touted since being hired was the strength of the offensive line. Now they've removed a key component. Do they plug the hole with Rob Turner? Turner saw action only in those funky plays last season where Mangini would put him in when they needed extra muscle by having him report as an "eligible receiver."

So, while the team has created cap room, they've also created a huge need - on top of their other huge needs at corner and linebacker. And wide receiver. And quarterback.

Speaking of wide receiver, I've buried the lede a bit by waiting to talk about Laveraues Coles. Coles and the team parted ways earlier in the week. While he has always given 110%, he has suffered numerous injuries that have rendered him not quite as effective as he might have been.
To his credit, he played through almost all of them, although you have to wonder if that was shortsighted on his part and that of the medical staff by allowing him to possibly sustain permanent physical problems.

I've known Laveranues since he was drafted and have seem him evolve as a both player and a person. While he is a solid contributor at his position, it might also be time for both parties to have a clean break.

The Jets could re-sign both Moore and Coles although if I had to guess, I would think Coles is probably gone for good.

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