Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of changes

I don't generally get a lot of satisfaction out of saying "I told you so," and even less so in this case. As one of my sources told me might happen over a month ago, the Jets have released Alan Faneca.

That in itself is interesting, but additionally, it says no one else in the league was willing to put up the money it would have cost to take over his contract, given his advancing age.

While Faneca has not been the player he was earlier in his career, he served as a strong component to the Jets offensive line and was a terrific resource for the younger linemen. He is enormously well-liked and respected by the locker room as a whole and his fellow linemen in particular.

To add insult to injury if you're a Jets fan, the team traded Leon Washington to the Seahawks for what amounts to a fifth-round pick, which they used to draft RB/FB John Conner from Kentucky.

Washington is a huge loss for the team. I guess they were too nervous about his recovery from his broken leg. However, I wouldn't bet against the guy.

On a lighter note - I texted one of the team's starters shortly after all of the above activity asking if he had time to talk. His response, "Am I still a Jet?"

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