Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get your souvenirs...

As the dismantling of Giants Stadium continues, pieces are being divvied up that fans can purchase. So, if you want to hang on to something tangible, and refrained from carting out your seat after the final game, now you can bid on them at auction. Everything from seats to pieces of the turf are going to be offered - some of it signed by players who played there, Giants included. The Play Like A Jet sign, that was over the equipment room is just one example of a variety of other things you will find.

The auction is being run by Steiner Sports. Anyone who is interested can log on to www.steinersports.com, see all the items available and make a bid. The bidding will close on April 25th.

As Brandon Steiner says, "How cool is it to be able to sit in a seat from Giants Stadium in your office or home. To own those chairs or a piece of the turf or goal post, is special for every Jets and Giants fan."

From what I understand, Jimmy Hoffa's remains are not on the list.

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