Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Training Camp Roster, Not What You Think

Defensive Line & Linebackers - Workout clothes. Need to be able to get down and dirty and take a beating

Kickers/Punters/LS - Outerwear, hats and rainwear. You never know when you'll need them but they need to be reliable and ready to go when you do.

Running backs & Wide receivers - shoes. No way you get anywhere without them. The better they are, the further you can go.

Special Teams - Toiletries. No matter what you think, you just can't live without them.

Offensive Line - the undergarments. The foundation for everything else. One false move and everything else falls apart.

QB - Socks. Good ones will last a lot longer than bad ones. Best when they go well with the shoes.

DBs - Tops: YOu can never have too many good ones and they help offer different looks

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