Sunday, November 15, 2009

They Didn't

Another "frustrating" and "heartbreaking" (two words several Jets used when I spoke to them) loss. For a brief moment it looked like the Jets might pull it out when they went up 22-21, before falling 24-22.

One of the greatest pieces of clock management I've ever seen was that last series, where running back Maurice Jones-Drew took a knee right before crossing the goal line in order to run out the clock. "On the first play, I should have kept it on the front side," he told me after the game. "Then [the coaches] came over to me and said 'we need you to take a knee so we can just get out of here.'" Nice job.

I asked him how hard it was for someone in his position NOT to run into the end zone when it's right there in front of you. "It's tough because you want to score, but you want to get a win," he said.

As for the Jets locker room, this was not a happy place. Guys were very deflated. DE Marques Douglas, one of the player who described the game as "heartbreaking" said "We let ourselves down. We have to improve." Problem is, they need to improve fast, the clock is ticking.

Mark Sanchez stepped up to the podium for his post-game press conference holding a sheet of paper, which he placed in front of him and then proceeded to read from. They were his thoughts and reactions to a lot of the different plays that were of significance. When he was done someone asked if he was taking questions and he said, "sure but I think I covered everything."

One thing about him is, he is a professional and did answer numerous follow-up questions totally politely.

The Jets go to Foxboro next Sunday. Hmmmm.

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