Friday, September 25, 2009

Here come the Titans

It was pointed out to me yesterday by an unnamed source that I have not blogged since before the Patriots game. Oops, my bad.

Things seem to be rolling along nicely for the Jets at the moment. A great win for them over New England last week in a game that could have gone either way - and in the first half seemed to be going the wrong way. Everyone talked about the adjustments that were made at halftime being the key. I would say that's actually something important to take note of. Every team tries to make adjustments at halftime - half the teams end up losing anyway. I think it speaks well of both the coaching staff and how plugged into the system the players are that those adjustments worked and immediately led to a change in the game and a win.

For those of you panicking about the Mark Sanchez injury - don't. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer actually chuckled when asked about Sanchez being on the injury report. Clearly this is the team being overly cautious after the Brett Favre debacle.

The real issue this weekend might be the loss of cornerbacks Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland. Sheppard's got a calf strain, Strickland's got a pretty bad ankle sprain. Sheppard told me he feels better "every hour" so that might end up being a game-time decision. Rex Ryan said yesterday that at this point he doesn't expect Strickland to play.

The Jets have a lot of DBs, and this week's focus is on the running game, but you don't want to lose two of those guys at once.

Speaking of the Titans running game, it will be interesting to see what happens against wide receiver Chris Johnson. Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine both pointed out yesterday how much he has improved this year and he was already pretty good last year. Kerry Rhodes called him the fastest guy in the NFL. The team will have their work cut out for them.

I would keep an eye on Kris Jenkins. He got the wind knocked out of him last week, but is also listed on the injury report as having a back problem, which cropped up in week one. If the Jets lose him for a significant amount of time, that will hurt them.

Looking forward to seeing Titans center Kevin Mawae, who was of course with the Jets until Eric Mangini arrived, and who is still doing his thing after all these years.

The Jets will be wearing their throwback NY Titans uniforms this weekend so it will be the Titans vs. the Titans. Let's hope that doesn't make for any unfortunate turnovers.

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